Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Watch what you say...

So, today, my husband had to go to Greensboro and asked if I wanted to tag along (aka the kids have to go also) and I said sure.  It's my day off and I decided that I needed tutu's in the shop, so I took that little project along with me on this little road trip.  Well, needless to say, tulle was all over the place while I am trying to attach it to my elastic waistband.  Random thought there.  Let's proceed.
We get to the destination and Billy was going to be inside for "15 minutes" which always turns out to be at least 30, but I go into this knowing this tidbit of information.  I give my phone to Grant so he can watch a little Scooby-Doo and Grace decides she is going to flop into the back of the SUV (literally).  As I hear this very loud thump, I hold my breath wondering what the outcome will be.  I hear this little voice come from the very back saying, "I think I broke my booty."  Well, Grant and I get a little tickled from this incident, and all is going well.
Now, here is the picture...Grace is in the very back, with her broken "booty", Grant has given up Scooby Doo because of the reception, and I am in the very front with tulle flying all over the place (I do half expect some people to start tapping on the window to ask what I am doing).  Frustration is starting to creep up on me because Grace keeps saying, "Something stinks".  "Mom, something stinks."  "Did you hear me, mom?  Something stinks".  This is where I start to lose the "Mother of the Day" award (notice I say day, because I lost the year one back on January 2nd).  I say, "You know what Grace, maybe it's your upper lip."  Do you remember that from your middle school/high school days?  Do you remember saying that?  Don't lie, you know you did! Well, I turn around to look at what is going on and this is what I see....
Grant is trying to smell his upper lip!
Might I just tell you that I start laughing HYS-TER-I-CAL-LY (sorry all you english majors, and Mom, of course, when she reads this, I know I did not break that down correctly.  But you are laughing, Mom, I know you are!)
So, I do believe that I should watch what I say because this is not the first, nor the last time, that things that I say, will be taken literally!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Well, here it is. Will anyone read it?

After staying up until 3 am this morning, trying to figure out the ins and outs of this "blog", here I am finally putting up the first post.  Why am I doing this along with everything else that is going on?  Good question.  I saw some posts from customers and friends and thought "what is this?"  Then I told my friend, Maria, about the blogs that I had been seeing and she says, "Yeah, I have one too."  What?????????  How did I not know this?  Where have I been?  Why don't I have a blog?  So...here we are, the Collins group.  Maybe I should have named it the 'Collins Carousel of Chaos'.  Can I change the name?  I am sure I will find out in the many "frequently asked questions" that I have become so familiar, they know my email address.  "Here she comes again.  Gee, can she not just play around and figure it out on her own?"
I am not a scrapbooker, but I do feel that I am a jack of a lot of trades.  Just once, I would like to stick with one of them for a while.  When I tell my husband about something new that I would like to try, he just looks at me, raises his eyebrows, and leaves the room.  Am I suppose to take that personally?  Nah. I am well rounded!  (And I am not just talking about my weight).
I am going to end my first ever blog.  Will anyone ever read it?  I know I already have!